Allflow highly recommends Samson's Truck Master Series of vacuum pumps

Both Samson and Allflow staff will tell you that Samson's liquid ring vacuum pump performance is top notch.

Samson customers say that their pumps have been at work for more than 20 years without the need for any major maintenance or repair. Maska Lewis at Allflow would say the same.

"My customers who own and operate Samson's liquid ring vacuum pumps pretty much universally agree that it was money well spent. Yes, they paid more up front. And it has been worth it. The pumps are durable, require little maintenance, and have lasted years. Overall, they have cost less including the front end commitment and they are super quiet when in operation.

"The environmental benefits mean a lot to my customers too. They like that liquid ring pumps mean cleaner steam exhaust going out into the air."

Between all the wear and tear on the materials, working in tough environments with tons of substances and liquids that may be inflammable or explosive, and demanding suction power - all with as little noise as possible - the demand on a vacuum pump to meet all these requirements is steep.

Here are some reasons why investing in a Samson is the preference for some of Allflow's customers:

No maintenance costs

The Truck Master line, like it's predecessor, has been designed to operate at least 10 years without being serviced, saving you money on maintenance costs.

Super quiet

Samson liquid ring pumps are the quietest - nothing else comes close.

More work done in less time

Work longer without interruption given the larger quantities that you can pump with the Truck Master line.

Health and safety - tick!

Low noise pollution makes your job in cities and neighbourhoods nicer. Also, as liquid ring pumps are based on water, the pump chamber contains no lubricants, making the exhaust cleaner. No pollutants or materials risk.

ATEX Approved

Truck Master pumps are spark-free, meet all ATEX requirements (EU regulation) and are safe to use in places where flammable gases, mists or vapors are an issue.

Key features

Of all the features of the Truck Master series of liquid ring pumps, perhaps the most innovative is the rotor. Samson calls it the Optimum rotor because they say it is the perfect balance between performance and strength.

Previous versions of Samson's rotor were extremely strong but had a weakness when it came to their heavy weight and less-than-ideal performance as a result. The Optimum rotor has the same strength and 20% better performance. Watch a short video from the Samson technology team that developed it.

Other features of this pump series include

  • the exhaust is clean steam because the pump chamber contains only water and no lubricants.
  • there is no mechanical friction or need for lubrication because the pump parts in the chamber are in contact only with the rotating water ring.
  • soft particles can pass through the suction line without damaging the pumps.
  • the pumps are designed to operate at least 10 years without being overhauled - no down time or expensive fixes!
  • there's so little noise during operation because only the air flow and natural sound from the bearings are audible.

Our experience with Samson pumps proves their worth, that strength and durability are their trademarks. Samson pumps operate year after year and require very little maintenance or repair.

Upkeep on the pumps are minimal and you can find a selection of videos on Samson's website to support your maintenance schedule. For example, this video offers a quick tutorial presenting two different methods to start/stop your pump. It features the 3400 but is applicable to all five of the Truck Master series.

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